Technical - MS

As the telecommunications industry is moving towards constant changes in technology, the complexity of networks are on the rise at many folds, Telcovas Technical MS addresses concerns of the communication services providers changing technology dynamics and daily operations.

Telcovas Technical MS approach enables Communication Services Providers with its 7 step approach:

  • Establish – Client Development / Captive Centers
  • SLA’s – Enhancement through Continous Improvement
  • OPEX Reduction – through continuous cost optimization and vendor management
  • Digitization – Engineering process transformation and use tools to have proper insights
  • Consultation – Extend services to client teams for strategic goal and objective assignments
  • Adapt – Evolving Delivery Models and Development Cycles
  • Enhance – Control and Visibility of daily operations


Telcovas Roaming Managed Services comprises of industry veterans and experts with more than a decade of experience in handling Multi-vendor Roaming Eco-system across 100+ Telecom Operators, the team comprises of Multi-lingual and Multi-regional experts location across the globe around 10+ locations worldwide covering all time zones. Telcovas Roaming MS attains and provides a very high standard 99.99% Roaming nodes/ system Availability


With a VAS domain experience of over a decade, we offer comprehensive portfolio of Value Added Services product line that provides operators with all the tools and solutions they need to fully maximize earning potential with minimum GTM time. Telcovas has teamed up with a range of leading application providers to deliver the product line, which includes wide range of solutions.


Telcovas Information Technology services provides Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) Unified Approach, Improved Business Resilience, security and compliance coupled with extensive automation and self service capabilities along with the use of Open-Source tools and technologies. Telcovas has in-house certified experts across 7+ locations that can Manage and Maintain IT Applications, Infrastructure, Processes and Vendors for Communication Service Providers


Telecommunications Industry with its technology and new network node enhancements generates ample gaps of system working in siloes. Telcovas Automation tools and services bridges this gaps and enables Communication Service Providers to automate the much required manual processes and further focus on strategy. The Bespoke solutions are designed keeping in mind the key objectives of the CSP’s

GNOC 24x7

Telcovas with its world-class Global Network Operating Centre in New Delhi – India, using Open source tools and technologies has a strength of 100+ resources handling 50+ Customers Worldwide providing 24*7 coverage across the globe. GNOC based services include all Telecommunication and IT based services undertaking of various vendors and Telcovas own products

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