Selfie Star

“Selfie Star is a unique upbeat offering from TELCOVAS that aims to bring a new approach to #Selfie trend popular on all social networking sites. A social media platform accomplished with several functions, it enables all users to share their moments and tell their stories through creative selfies. ”

  • Users can upload selfies, selfie-stills and videos added with captions, doodles or filters to make the experience even more fun and off course, personal!
  • Users can use it to communicate one-to-one, one-to few and one-to all.
  • Every selfie uploaded automatically enters the selfie star contest, becomes visible to all selfie star users for Likes.
  • The most Liked selfie during the contest period becomes the Selfie Star Contest Winner, thereby earning the user many prizes and a substantial gain of popularity


We create a different level of user experience through thousands of hours of user generated content from a contest/event to tell a story with various perceptions, contrasting emotions and distinct points of view. All the fellow users sift through such stories and vote for the most interesting concept!

Inspired Thinking That Simplifies Connections