Equipment Identify Register

Telcovas EIR allows operators to control access to mobile networks ,deterring device theft and fraud

Phone theft is a common issue today. The rise of smartphones places mobile devices at the centre of people’s personal and social life and the device contains numbers, messages, photos and videos that may not be backed up. Theft of the device means precious personal data is lost or, even worse, left open to abuse.

In addition, the deployment of pre-paid services where subscribers are anonymous and untraceable means that there is a ready market for stolen devices.

It is a significant initiative for an operator to actively fight theft of mobile devices, before risking becoming the victim of negative publicity. Reducing phone theft also reduces other frauds because stolen phones are widely used by those perpetrating scams.

The best tactic for reducing theft is to make theft a worthless activity. If it is widely understood that a stolen device will immediately be blocked then this reduces the value of the stolen device and lowers the incentive to theft.

Our  tool is used for blocking stolen devices. Use of Telcovas EIR allows a mobile device to be blocked on the home network and potentially on all networks, regardless of the SIM card inside the device. Deploying an EIR allows prevention of the use of stolen mobile phones, which in turn, allows the operator to protect revenue and investment.


In addition to blocking stolen devices, Telcovas EIR performs a host of other valuable functions for the operator to retain subscribers, improve customer experience, increase brand awareness and maximize revenues. Additional services enabled by the our EIR with its built-in Device Tracker functionality includes:

  • Locking subsidized mobile devices to SIM cards, ensuring tariff plans are adhered to
  • Locking SIM cards to particular devices
  • Detect and send SMS welcome messages to roaming subscribers
  • Expose mobile equipment make and model to external service applications, for example to enable optimal transcoding or ringtones types for the handset
  • Provide fraud and market reports about subscribers and mobile devices used
  • Automatically detect changes to mobile numbers, equipment and SIM cards, for fraudulent monitoring by detecting high SIM card swap rates
  • Enable intelligent marketing campaigns, for instance to particular handset types
  • SMS notifications sent to inbound roamers and particular SIM/device combinations

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