SMS Firewall

Enterprise SMS is a constantly growing sector, Mobile Operators across the world have recognized its communication. With the increase and utilization of the Messaging has seen surge of “grey routes”. The “grey routes” ultimately have impact on revenues and also gain restricted access to the networks of the Mobile Operator.SMS FW is a necessity and considered backbone of SMS monetization.
Telcovas through its deep domain expertise in Telecommunications Messaging have developed its Firewall that filters traiffc preventing network abuse also identifies all improperly charged routes. Telcovas SMS FW encapsulates the entire SMS monetization strategy of Mobile Operators with its feature rich offering and holistic approach. Telcovas SMS FW also enables key differentiation between A2P from P2P SMS Traffic and identifies all hidden access that are often exploited, while offering standard Firewall filtering of A2P traffic with various sender ID


  • Monitor and Eliminate grey routes
  • Proper charging for every single SMS terminated on network
  • Provide full control over Messaging traffic to Mobile
  • Ensure secured passage for messaging framework
  • Identify Revenue Leakage
  • Enhanced Profits through the untapped source of revenue.

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