Mobile Signaling


Telcovas’s STP Supports any-to-any signalling connectivity between SS7 via IP SIGTRAN interfaces for maximum network integration flexibility. The STP offers all the standard features and functionality expected of an STP solution, including Gateway Screening and Global Title Translation, while also offering extended capabilities and features such as Signalling Gateway and Point Code Emulation.

Telcovas Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) enables telcos diameter signalling network for reducing complexity. The DRA has a powerful routing, filtering, screening capabilities whilst it also has a in-build policy engine. DRA is capable to handle high volume traffic with load balancing as a standard feature and can be easily deployed in Multi-vendor environment. Telcovas DRA is NFV Compliant and provides a auto-scalable, secured, HA platform.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Pricing
    Deployment scale and future growth
  • Scalability
    Support Multiple Point Codes, Capability Point Codes.
  • Redundancy
    1+1 Redundancy Mated Pair
    1+1 & Mated Pair
  • Gateway Screening
    MTP, SCCP, Called/Calling Party Enables first line firewall capability

GTP- Router Based on Network Function Virtualization(NFV) infrastructure, our GTP-Router enables a Roaming Services – Virtualized Network Function(VNF) provides roaming interconnection for MVNOs

GTP Router Features:

3GPP standards compliant

  • Support S5, S8, Gn, Gp GTP interfaces
  • Support GTP-CV0, GTP-CV1, GTP-CV2, GTP-UV1 protocols

Muli MNO and MVNO

  • Provide interoperation between Multiple MNO and Multiple MVNO


  • Single PGW/GGSN node provide 5 Gbps data throughput and 50k+ subscribers

GGSN/PGW selection based on subscriber/session keys
APN mapping support
Acts as Proxy for PGW and GGSN nodes

  • Enables topology hiding for roaming partners

Supports Offline CDRs (Ga/Local) and Online (Gy) Charging

  • Used for CDR reconciliation

Handles 2G, 3G and 4G GTP procedures (including failures)
All GTP IEs will be passed as unchanged where possible
Supports Path Management procedures
Alarms, Protocol Logging

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