Tech Roam

Local Roaming & Recharge

  • Use our unique offering of Roam like home, engage your  Roaming partners to increase roaming traffic at discounted pricing
  • Enjoy the option to recharge on the platform while you roam using Mobile app or USSD
  • Launch roam like at home comply to regulations add our recharge suite to increase Revenues

Outbound Redirection Overview

  • Have a bird’s eye view on your outbound roamers with Telcovas’s smart probe mechanism to derive leaks & Revenue loss

Roaming Protocol & Billing Register

  • Roll-out Roaming partner mapping to monitor Roaming MSU / Performance and smart Reconciliation of Invoices
  • Enhance your RCAR (Roaming Customer Analytics Records) through the deep insights that our platform provides

Contextual Roaming Analytics & Messaging

  • Utilize our deep insights algorithm to create Roaming Segmentation & Promote correct pack
  • Do you have 100+ Roaming packs? What fits best for your subscriber?
  • Roam-Campaign leverages Telcovas ATOM platform and provides Right Subscriber, Right offer at Right Time while enhancing revenues and detecting silent roamers
  • Indulge roamers in gamification, entity mapping and other benefits


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