Telcovas Core Solutions Offering for MNO, MVNO, WISP and Private Networks

Mobile Signalling

  • STP
  • DRA
  • GTP-Router
  • SBC

4G Core (EPC)

  • MME
  • HSS
  • SGW
  • PGW


  • I/P/S/E – CSCF
  • MRFC
  • SBC
  • TSC
  • MRFP
  • BGCF
  • TAS
  • RPF
  • BGF

5G Core (5GC)

  • AMF
  • UDM
  • AUSF
  • UPF
  • SMF
  • PCF
  • NEF
  • NRF
  • NSSF
  • LMF
  • N3IWF


Telcovas Solutions and Services, offers off the shelf as well as bespoke solutions for Mobile operators to enable their Digital Transformation Suite.

Telcovas with its full stack of 4G/5G/IMS core network provides tailor made solutions for MNO, MVNO, WISP and Private Networks 5G LABS for

“ 5G is now available in every region of the world and will account 1 out of 5 of total mobile connections by 2025. Meanwhile, 4G still has significant headroom for growth, especially in developing regions. Adoption of the technology is expected to peak at just under 60% by 2023 as 5G begins to gain traction in new markets ”
–GSMA market intelligence

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