Business Consulting

Business Consulting at Telcovas comes from its Marketing Service Delivery (MSD) team. The philosophy of MSD is to create & maximize incremental value for communication service providers through deployment of best in class Customer Value Management practices, supported by Telcovas Jarvis Customer Value Management platform. The MSD team comprises of a team of seasoned Telecom Marketing professionals that carries with it the experience and expertise of implementing CLV programs across operators, across geographies and across product lines & revenue streams.

The Business Consulting is based on 3 layers of approach & philosophies:

  • Alignment : The teams are aligned with communication service provider’s (CSP’s) objective and co-owns its objectives
  • Data Driven Approach : the success behind Telcovas’s Business Consulting lies with its approach on Data and analytics rather than assumptions and hypothesis
  • Man – Machine Collaboration : Enabled with Telcovas JARVIS CVM platform, Telcovas Business Consulting provides best in class revenue realization to the communication service provider.

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