Why do we enjoy working at Telcovas?

Personal Development

Friendly atmosphere

International projects for well known companies

Respect and trust

Stable employment

Research and development centers

What would you like to do?


We approach each of our clients individually, configuring and implementing our software to best meet their needs. Apply to us for the position of Implementation Consultant or IT Solutions Architect.

Software Production & Development

We implement projects in a diverse technology stack, with Java, JavaScript, C ++, .NET and SQL, among others. You can also work as a System Engineer, Database or DevOps Programmer.

Sales & Consulting

Providing our clients with solutions that best fit their business needs is the key to success. Join us, as a Sales Specialist, Pre-sales Consultant or Business Development Manager.

Project and Team Management

We know that business success depends heavily on efficient management, especially in such a large company as ours. This is why we want to find the best leaders to help us grow.



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