4G Core (EPC)

Evolved Packet Core provides a fully integrated, flexible, high performance, highly-scalable and cost-effective LTE mobility platform.

Our EPC is enabling MME, HSS, SGW, PGW and PCRF core network functions on any network. Telcovas EPC is implemented as distinct Linux applications, maximising deployment flexibility. The EPC doesn’t need to run on a purpose-built hardware and instead are virtualized on the bare metal of a standalone COTS server. This COTS server could be located remotely, in an enterprise, or could be deployed in a Data Center, or in the Cloud. It can also be deployed in a Docker Container, contributing to a more comprehensive NFV solution. The EPC(Virtualized Evolved Packet Core) product can decrease the cost of OPEX and CAPEX.

Telcovas provides a solution that combines 3GPP network functions from EPC and 5GC architectures into a common cloud native software platform that supports 5G Stand-Alone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA), 4G, 3G and 2G accesses technologies.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • All-In-One compact product
    Single server deployment option or two server deployment option
  • Multi-deployment scenarios supported
    Central/Edged, Local/Cloud
  • Highly Scalable
    From a small cost effective network to a large distributed network
  • Fast and easy installation
    A unified EMS, easy O&M and lower TCO
  • 99.999% availability
    Support avtive/standby or active/active redundancy

Support flexible hardware specification and multiple server types from different COTS manufactures
Interop with various eNodeBs from third party vendors
Enable roaming functions between operators

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