Wholesale Voice & Interconnect

Telcovas Wholesale Voice & Interconnect are based on B2B model, Telcovas provides a unique eco-system thus enabling CSP’s to modernise their infrastructure and provide additional services by creating and HUB to other partners in the region or to its own customers. Telcovas Interconnect Roaming platform also enables various UCaaS and PaaS services implementation for CSP’s

PaaS (Powered by Zero Touch Configuration)

  • Customer Profile | Portal
  • Digital Customer Onboarding
  • Allocation and Provisioning
  • Payment Integration
  • User and Profile Management
  • Integrated Invoicing and Billing
  • Usage Analytics Metrics [ Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Yearly]
  • Payment Reminder and Notification
  • Payment threshold for Account and Service Suspension
  • Product Catalogue and Bundle Options
  • Rating | Routing | Billing Management
  • Account based Mediation with CDR’s availability
  • Wholesale Voice-Data-SMS Management


  • Integrated Services Library [ Telephony | Mobility | Messaging | Meetings (Audio | Video | Web conferencing ]
  • Single Point Allocation and provisioning
  • Multi-tenant capability
  • OSS integrated Infrastructure | Services Management
  • Integrated Performance Management
  • Integrated Fault Finding
  • Integrated troubleshooting and Fault Diagnostic Capability
  • Zero down-time services

IPX Solution

Telcovas IPX Roaming solution enables Mobile operators create their own IPX Hub with a future-proof network architecture that supports all technologies conversion including VoIP service with fixed lines, SMS, IoT and mobile networks, while effortlessly supporting foundation of all IP-based services, including 5G, RCS, LTE and VoLTE

The IPX Roaming Solution is based on GSMA IR34 standard that enables Mobile Operators to develop Carrier capability for roaming and interworking service that seamlessly interconnects worldwide with a single connection supporting various service and applications. The Solution enables Mobile Operators to host carrier services IPX that has features supporting VoIP, Data, SMS and Voice Connectivity:

  • Centralised Billing
  • Network Connectivity
  • Signalling
  • Diameter
  • GTP
  • Policy Hub and Subscriber Experience management
  • Control over Interconnection,
  • Access to Roaming VAS like Analytics, Firewalls, Steering
  • In-build Monitoring, Prediction and Action capabilities

The IPX Roaming Solution as per the Mobile Operators requirement supports:

  • Easy Scalability
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Cloud and On - Premise deployment
  • Multi-tenancy support with different profiles
  • Intuitive User Interface for Business and Technical Operations

Mobile Operators can also utilize BizzRoam “Digital Transformation Suite for Roaming” for effectively creating Wholesale Agreements/Deals, RP Performance, Roaming Partner services launch and Roll-outs, Financial Clearing, Invoices and have a global view of agreements created on IPX Roaming Solutions.

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